What is eStreet?

eStreet is a revolutionary modular, scalable and autonomous productive zone, aimed at Africa’s off-grid and weak-grid communities. This integrated solution includes critical businesses services such as:

Uninterrupted energy, supplied by a private microgrid based mainly on renewables.

Customized high quality prefabricated facilities and premises.

Filtered and potable water.

Modern sanitation.

A light industrial zone.

Telecoms: broadband Internet, radio, paid TV.

24/7 support, maintenance, and security.

Air-conditioned shops, restaurants, and offices.

Others: site cleaning, communal lighting, etc.

Information for businesses

Running a business outside the main cities in Sub-Saharan Africa can be very costly and challenging. To overcome these challenges, our facilities will provide:

Energy independence
Maximized fuel and cost savings
Reliable business operation
Cost-competitive energy access to off-grid and weak-grid communities
 Cutting-edge smart and energy-efficient technology

Whatever the type of business you are, we have a plan for you:


24-hr DC power supply Tower rental (on request).

Industrial clients

Serviced steel-framed light-industrial area for basic production, processing and manufacturing activities.

Commercial clients

Fully-serviced leased premises, including power, A/C, water, toilets, maintenance, and security. 3-tiers of services: day-only, limited evening, and critical load coverage. 3 standard unit sizes: standard, large, and extra-large. Other customization options available.

Short duration clients

Desk space in the fully serviced business centre with the standard business services plus furnishing, printing, and communications.  Option of monthly subscription membership allowing set number of days usage per month.

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Information for investors

The problem that we are addressing

Many Sub-Saharan African countries suffer from a lack of access to reliable and affordable energy. As a result, many basic services such as clean water and sanitation are not available, making the operation of businesses, governments, and NGOs extremely difficult. This continuing dynamic severely impacts economic prospects and quality of living.

Our solution

A microgrid powered business zone that offers reliable energy and services, enabling businesses, governments and NGOs to operate, prosper and grow in under-served communities, fostering  local economic development.

Our need

Investors willing to take part in the early stage of this promising project through equity.

Our offer

You will be investing in a company that:

– Addresses a real need in Sub-Saharan Africa.

– Aims at becoming the future leader in distributed power for business customers in the Sub-Saharan region.

– Expects to grow exponentially, exceeding 1,000 installations within 10 years.

– Will contribute to the economic growth of underserved communities in a sustainable way.

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Arnaud Henin

Co-founder & CEO

Managing Director – Gommyr Power Networks. Renewable energy executive with over 15 years of experience in energy, technology and investment

Guy A. Badjoko

Founder – Executive Chairman

Managing Director Apalia24 | Energy & Media Venture | RD Congo. Congolese entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in telecom and energy sectors in Africa.

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